Depression sandblasting cabins

Depression sandblasting cabin have been designed to sandblast modest quantities of medium/small parts.

They are very practical machines, with the operator placed outside them, with reuse and “pneumatic washing” of the abrasive for sandblasting and without powder release in the outer environment.

In such plants a depression is created, through a Venturi system, piping the abrasive from the collection hopper and launching it towards the pieces to be sandblasted.

Therefore it is possible to employ only non-metallic abrasives (corundum, glass micro-spheres, garnet, ceramic micro-spheres, plastic granules, etc.).

Compared to a pressure sandblasting cabin the launch speeds will be lower and surfaces will be obtained with a “soft” finishing.

It is possible to assemble a self-cleaning filter cabinet in case of frequent sandblasting. In case of sporadic use, a filter bag can be assembled as an alternative.

Shot-peening machines can also be equipped with:

We can provide cabins with measure on demand.


They are used to sandblast all metals, glass, natural stone (marble, basalt, etc.), wood, ceramic, etc.

Technical Sheets

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