Spherical and Sharp Stainless Steel Shot

The stainless steel cast shot is produced by casting selected stainless steel scrap.

The cast material is solidified in particles having a spherical shape through a controlled cast process.

The obtained stainless steel shot is selected and subdivided according to the dimension and subsequently thermally treated. This process is followed by a final phase, which foresees three different types of checks:

  1. micro-structural check;
  2. hardness check;
  3. further dimensional check.

The stainless sharp shot is obtained by crumbling the stainless spherical shot, sifting it according to the dimension and treating it to obtain the desired hardness.

The stainless steel shots obtained in this way remarkably vary in shape and dimension, and adapt themselves versatilely to various uses.

Their ideal use is in the processes of shotblasting, sandblasting, of non-ferrous metals, of stainless steels and, last but not least, of natural stones (marbles, basalts, serizzo granites, lavic stone, etc.).

The wide range of available sizes help customers find the most suitable mix for their finishing needs.

Uses and Advantages

Techma stainless steel shot can guarantee:

  1. absolute stainlessness;
  2. optimal finishing degree in a short sandblasting time;
  3. brilliant look.

TECHMA is able to propose customers the following types of abrasives in stainless steel according to the different needs:

  1. cast spherical shot in austenitic stainless steel type TECNI (CrNi);
  2. cast spherical shot in stainless steel  of martensite type TECRO (Cr);
  3. sharp shot in martensite stainless steel type GH (Cr);
  4. sharp shot in ferritic stainless steel type GM (Cr).

The steel metal shots can be employed without distinction in turbine plants, with free cast sandblasting machines and pressure compressed-air cabins for sandblasting  with an optimal performance.

Owing to technical reasons the same shots are not suitable to be used on suction pressure compressed-air cabins for sandblasting.

Technical Sheets

Techma – TECNI – Stainless steel spherical NiCr

Techma – TECNI – Stainless steel spherical Cr

Techma – TECGRIT – Stainless steel sharp