Spherical Aluminium Shot

The production process of aluminium shot, of spherical type foresees casting of selected scrap and choiced alloys.

The cast material is solidified in particles having a spherical shape through a controlled cast process.

The spherical aluminium shot obtained in this way is subdivided according to dimensions. This process is followed by a final phase, which foresees three different types of checks:

  1. micro-structural check;
  2. hardness check;
  3. further dimensional check.

Uses and Advantages

The cast aluminium shot is featured by very reduced hardness and a very low specific weight like the aluminium pin.

This feature makes it particularly suitable for shotblasting and sandblasting of aluminium and Zn+Al+Mg alloy pieces when a light cleanliness is required with reduced surface roughness.

The steel metal shots can be employed without distinction in turbine plants, with free cast sandblasting machines and pressure compressed-air cabins for sandblasting with an optimal performance.

But the same shots are not suitable, owing to technical reasons, to be used on suction pressure compressed-air cabins for sandblasting.

Technical Sheets

Techma – Spherical aluminium shot