Shot Peening

Shot peening, also known as peen forming, is a treatment used in particular in the aeronautical and mechanical sector to increase fatigue resistance of mechanical elements.

It essentially consists of a cold deformation, obtained by means of the impact on the part of metallic and non-metallic spheres. The process is aimed at inducing a field of residual compression forces in the surface layer of the treated piece.

No doubt the quality of the “tool” shot has a fundamental importance for a good outcome of the treatment.

Owing to the particularity of the process Techma offers technical consultancy concerning the most suitable material and shot-peening paramaters.

Techma proposes customers a wide range of shots for shot peening:

  1. cast spherical steel shot
  2. run-in pin steel shot
  3. run-in pin stainless steel shot
  4. glass microspheres
  5. ceramic microspheres

Reference Regulations

  1. AMS 2431/1
  2. AMS 2431/2
  3. AMS 2431/3
  4. AMS 2431/4
  5. AMS 2431/6
  6. DIN 8201
  7. ISO 11124/3
  8. ISO 11124/5
  9. MIL-S-13165
  10. MIL-G-9954-A
  11. SAE J441
  12. SAE J444
  13. SAE J827
  14. VDFI 8001

Technical Sheets

Techma – Steel spherical

Techma – Run-in steel pin

Techma – Run-in stainless steel pin

Techma – Glass microspheres

Techma – Ceramic microspheres