Plastic Micro-Granules



The particles of thermosetting resins, opportunely angled and sharpened, are the ideal means for surface sandblasting avoiding removal of material from the part.

Uses and Advantages

The line of plastic abrasives, initially developed to remove paint from airplane fuselages, owing to its capacity of not causing any damages to the delicate aluminium substrate, is now used in a very wide range of applications, such as sandblasting of moulds for plastic materials and aluminium parts, deburring and sandblasting of composite materials, epoxy resins, polyester and glass fibres.

Cleaning moulds with conventional abrasives always tends to remove material, making surface rough and often altering critical dimensions. Sandblasting with plastic abrasive allows cleaning the mould without modifying the surface or changing the dimensions instead.

It can be used in free casting sandblasting machines and in pressure or depression compressed-air sandblasting cabins.

Reference Regulations

  1. MIL-P-85891

Technical Sheets

Plastic – Plastodur Typo II, Typo III, Typo V

Plastic – Plastodur M – Polyamide

Plastic – Plastodur – Polyamide

Plastic – Plastodur – Spherical