Helmets and Caps

The helmets for sandblasting cabins are of fundamental importance for the operator’s safety and health.

The surface abrasion process carried out through the free casting sandblasting machines namely foresees a remarkable dispersion of powder and abrasive into the environment.

The use of a special helmet allows filtering the air breathed by the operator and at the same time protection of sensitive areas of his body from return impact of employed metal or non-metal shot.

Techma suggests the following types of helmet for sandblasting machine:

  1. non-rigid protection cap made of polyester, canvas and PVC fabrics, with adjustable inner half-mask, rectangular shield and anti-dust filters;
  2. aerated cap with adjustable rubber half-mask, round glasses, corrugated tube, silencing filter and flux adjuster;
  3. Astro aerated helmet, rigid, with tearing shield, skirt, corrugated tube, flow adjuster and active-carbon filer.

Technical Sheets

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