Glass Micro-Spheres

The glass micro-spheres are an abrasive product with no free silica, obtained through tempered sodium glass solidification. It is usually used in the spherical shape and more rarely in the sharp one.

The application field is wide, but it finds employment above all in metallic surface finishing in order to improve their final look. Differently from other abrasive for sandblasting, being them chemically inert, they do not contaminate the sandblasted material.

Uses and Advantages

The glass micro-spheres are used to clean delicate parts, where the surface shall not be etched; actually they alter neither dimensions nor shapes, nor sharp edges if any of the parts undergoing the treatment, leaving a surface with minimal roughness and softened profile.

They are particularly indicated to burr and pre-treat cutting tools, surgical instruments and electronic elements, as well as for surface finishing of glass, jewels and dental equipment.

A good resistance to crushing makes them particularly suitable for the sandblasting operation above all in blow-by plants.

It can be used in free casting sandblasting machines, in pressure or suction pressure compressed-air sandblasting cabins both in dry and wet way:

  1. the dry jet (sucked or pressure air) shortens working times and allow to get high performances.
  2. the wet jet makes the abrasive impact “softer” giving origin to finishings with minimal roughness values.

Technical Sheets

Glass micro-spheres