Sandblasting machines free jet

Sandblasting machines free jet are made up of a tank in which the sandblasting abrasive is placed under pressure to be then launched thanks to the compressed-air cast.

Thanks to this system it is possible to use both metallic abrasives (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc shots, etc.) and non-metallic abrasives (corundum, glass micro-spheres, garnet, ceramic micro-spheres, plastic granules, etc.).

To run this kind of plant a compressor is necessary, whose carrying capacity is as a function of the dimensions of the tank and the diameter of the nozzle assembled on the lance.

Born to allow carrying out the sandblasting operation on site, the sandblasting machine free jet is provided with two wheels and a handle to make handling easier.

The sandblasting abrasive is loaded into the upper hopper. The plant is then started by means of the remote control lever (usually placed on the lance), thus leaving the abrasive on the part to be sandblasted.


Sandblasting can be carried out on various types of surfaces: on all metals in general (steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, etc.), glass, natural stones (marble, basalt, etc.), wood, ceramic, etc.

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