Ceramic Micro-Spheres

The ceramic micro-spheres are made up of zirconium (ZrO2) immersed in a glassy matrix.

Chemically inert and with spherical shape, they generate a good surface finishing creating an effect which is similar to the satiny one.

The main features of ceramic micro-spheres are:

  1. high hardness to obtain the best sandblasting results.
  2. high toughness and long life of the abrasive.
  3. scarce dust formation during the sandblasting process.
  4. reduced contamination of the sandblasted surface

Uses and Advantages

They are suitable to sandblast most of the metallic surfaces (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.).

Having a relatively low specific weight they are used with free cast sandblasting machines and in pressure or suction pressure compressed-air sandblasting cabins but they may also be used – if the sandblasting is opportunely adjusted – also on turbine shotblasting machines.

Technical Sheets

Techma – Ceramic micro-spheres