Cabins for Pressure Sandblasting

Cabins for pressure sandblasting have been designed to sandblast modest quantities of medium/small parts.

They are very practical machines, with the operator placed outside them, with blow-by and “pneumatic washing” of the abrasive for sandblasting and without powder release in the outer environment.

In the pressure plants a tank is present, where the abrasive in placed under pressure so that it can be launched at a higher power and speed than a suction pressure sandblasting cabin, thus obtaining a higher productivity. It is possible to use both metal shots (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc shots, etc.) and non-metallic abrasives (corundum, glass micro-spheres, garnet, ceramic micro-spheres, plastic granules, etc.).

For the range of work they can generate, cabins for pressure sandblasting are supplied complete with filter box.

Shot-peening machines can also be equipped with:

Small cabins are made on demand.


They are used to sandblast all metals in general, glass, natural stone (marble, basalt, etc.), wood, ceramic, etc.

Technical Sheets

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